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Become a better player by having an unforgettable experience

Our camps are structured to bring the best hockey expertise possible, brought by professional coaches, professional players and special guests to give an unforgettable experience.

Our goal is to show to our hockey students how professionals train, to bring them guests who can teach them real great experiences, to show them how hockey life is, to make them better players. 

For us isn't important to show how good we are, but to make a player a better sportsman and a better person. 

Hockey is our passion, our desire is to bring the same fire to our players!


2 specific ice goalie ice practices every day, with pro coaches, daily off-ice sessions, specific theory meetings, introduction to warm-up and cool-down principles, coordination sessions.

2 goalie practices every day, daily dynamic yoga sessions, off-ice coach, personal goalie analisys, theory on social medias and nutrition, ... Swimming pool


For our goalie camps we need shooters !! We offer tons of icetime (minimum 2 hours a day), off-ice, swimming pool and lunch. Every day from July 9. to July. 14, 2023 in Bellinzona !!! 

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