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Specific Ice Trainings

Learning and deepening the various parry techniques as well as skating techniques that a goalkeeper needs to be complete and to continue in his or her athletic career and path.

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Swimming Pool

Moments of relaxation and rest, in the pool, enjoying swimming or diving.


Introduction to good habits

During the camp we will focus on giving the athletes a simple, usable plan so they can be consistent in applying those little habits and automatisms that help the athlete be consistent, save after save!.


Skills Specific Off-Ice

During the camp, an athletic trainer will follow the goalies, showing them various examples of what can be done in preparation to work on a structural conditioning adapted to the role

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Specific Coordination

The ability to coordinate sight and movement, as well as the ability to identify the cues needed to read the situation and make good decisions. 


Dynamic Yoga

Power, strength and flexibility are important to execute all the movements in a natural way. Our Yoga program is designed to help you reach your goals.

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