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(U15 or higher)

Shooting & Scoring skills

Scoring is a skill any player can learn. Here at P35 you will develop a dynamic range of skills including shooting tecniques, evasive movements, re-directs and in tight scoring. Keypoints will be shot selection, shooting in stride, accuracy, quickness of release as well as precision.

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Powerskating skills

Skating focus on balance, agility, weight transfer and edge transition because being a good skater aloud us to be good shooters. Our Pro coaches will help you working on your quick feet, power, explosiveness and agility, as well as with stride mechanics and edge control.


Train with one of Switzerland's top skills coaches

Flavien Conne, former international and player of HC Lugano, HC Geneva, HC Fribourg-Gottéron and HC Ambri-Piotta, is the skills coach of HC Lugano in NL. 

His experience and working methods to have tangible improvements.


Skills Specific Off-Ice

During camp players will reinforce all techniques and specific movement with a special off-ice plan specially designed to get out the most of our intensive camp. 

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Specific Coordination

The ability to coordinate sight and movement, as well as the ability to identify the cues needed to read the situation and make good decisions. 


Dynamic Yoga

Power, strength and flexibility are important to execute all the movements in a natural way. Our Yoga program is designed to help you reach your goals.

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